Chess Caps

Almost everyone has some memory of playing chess in their childhood. The first time you decided to try because someone explained it as “complicated checkers.” Fun and great experience! It’s a game played all over world. Poor, rich, near and far. Chess Cap recycles bottle caps into chess pieces. Accompanied with some chalk, and you’ve got yourself a proper game.
Chess for poor kids.

Designer: Guanyun Wang


  • Taffer says:

    I hope those kids are thirsty, because they need to drink 32 bottles of water at the least to get a full set. Why not just package a Sharpie in with the 32 pack, allowing the kids to label the caps themselves?

  • puja says:

    Very creative indeed.

  • Arthurist says:

    Ditto for Taffer.
    In some countries there’s trouble of children obtaining even a bottle of clean water.
    And wouldn’t it be a greater idea to make some kind of device or service (recycle) that would punch the figures from used bottle caps instead of having to obtain 32 bottles?
    If it’s not for third world countries – there’s no need for this, there are very cheap chess sets.

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