CKIE Spotlight: The CalypsoCase is 100% Funded

After looking through several cases for my precious phone, I finally settled on a case that promised to save it from scratches and would bear the brunt if it slipped and fell. The case was hideous and it didn’t even save my phone when the inevitable happened. Shattered display and a broken heart later, I had written off all phone cases, till the CalypsoCase happened. It’s a case that doesn’t hide the phone under a body amour; in fact it celebrates the design genius with elegance. Looks like iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung users are going to Calypso with me!

Investment in the right kind of phone case may seem trivial on the surface, but trust me when it comes to the protection aspect and chic looks, not many of them can boast of having both. The CalypsoCase gives out the vibe that functionality and beauty can be a package deal. So why should we compromise one for the other.

Take for instance the attention to detail; most leather cases have uneven, wrinkled corners that look like a bad face job. To overcome this and to add a dash of shimmy, the enterprising band of boys from Slovenia have designed the unique CalypsoClasp. This metal U gives the edges a perfect finish and glams up the case with gold, black silver, silver or platinum finishing.

European fashion can be as quirky as the toilet-seat hat or as elegant as Pippa and Kate Middleton. CalypsoCase’s elegance and beauty surpasses the regular fare seen in stores. Each case is handcrafted with laser cut precision and is made from high-grade materials like premium Italian leather, titanium inner enclosure and a special slip-resistant inner lining to make sure accidental slips don’t happen.

To ensure that we don’t break our phones or guise them in garbs, CalypsoCase is looking for funding through CKIE. Your pledge can help shape the dreams of this talented design team, who has braved the odds to come up with such a cool product. You can Pre-order your very own Laser Engraved CKIE Backer’s Only Edition CalypsoCase or support their cause; whatever suits you best. Just make a CKIE pledge!

Designer: Matej Kurent on CKIE



  • I love this case, wonder if there will also be a case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 or maybe the S3 when that launches.
    It suits the iPhone 4 best though. Hope for the creators that the 4S or even 5 has almost the same complimenting design to the case!

  • wow! really amazing design!!

  • I love how passionate you are about this case. I know what you mean when you have a great looking sleek phone and a bulky case. My husband works outside and has an iphone for his job and they use a case that is really about three cases to protect it and in the end you have no idea its the iphone.

  • dissign says:

    Not bad but it looks like a portable hard drive case.

  • Andrew says:

    The case is pretty, and I’m sure, quite tough. Useless though, how many times do you drop your phone out of your purse or pocket compared to fumbling it while answering or when someone/thing jostles you? How about when you’re watching a video, or showing something to a friend?

    During your most frequent drops this case is going to be safe and secure, in your pocket, while your phone, which you have been obliged to remove from it’s pretty sheath remains completely unprotected while at it’s most vulnerable.

    Worse, even when the phone is in the case, one entire face and 4 corners of your phone are unprotected.

  • Mike Samsel says:

    Just got the new Iphone 4. Love the feel and design, but the sales person warned me to get a case because displays were glass, etc. I bought the least offensive case I could find, but can’t help but think it feels like the old Motorola brick! If that ain’t progress. I’ve ditched it already and am living dangerously without one.

  • Alexander says:

    Yes, the design looks good. I’ve heard this case is quite expensive thought. Pretty sure that will put off a lot of people. I personally hate to use cases for my phone.
    Sure it might look beautiful and but i am sure you could find similar ones for a better price.

  • this is pretty cool indeed.

  • Crnchy says:

    Love this case a lot actually! Sleek and clean cut.

  • eve says:

    Wow what an invention,surely i should have one for my phone too!!!!!!

  • ink says:

    I don’t understand why people like to cover a beautiful design with a case? I have my iphone4 for 1 year already. No protection. It is still fine. Note, it is unscratched material. Jobs should be disappointed if he knows how madly people like to cover their design.

  • Kroneif says:

    Can’t see the screen and doesn’t address the antenna issue when out of the case. Looks pretty, but design should do more.

  • yellowdough says:

    how can apple out do itself now? nice design.

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