CKIE Spotlight: OneLessTV

I have a TV mounted on the wall. It looks great but there are times when I want to physically move the unit because I also use it to hold meetings. This means either replacing the mount with an articulating arm or using a mobile media cabinet. OneLessTV by Heckler Design accommodates both my minimalist aesthetics and functional requirements by placing it on a mobile pedestal.

I can attest to Heckler’s build quality. I’ve reviewed the OneLessDesk two years ago and to this day, still looks brand new. Like its brethren, OneLessTV is built like a tank. Steel sheets are precisely cut and finished (no sharp edges) in a choice of four colors. I personally have my eye on the white unit.

It’s totally different from traditional mobile media cabinets. OneLessDesk evenly distributes the TV’s weight from side-to-side, front-to-back. The whole thing sits on polypropolene sliders making it easy to pull into any room without fear of toppling your investment. You can even mount the TV in portrait mode, offering flexibility to commercial environments. Cable management is handled by channels hidden behind and through the bottom into the base shelf which is perfectly sized for low profile A/V components. Larger components fit perfectly on top of the base shelf.

Back this project with $700 and you’ll get OneLessTV designed for 46″ to 65″ screens with free shipping within the continental United States. Each unit comes with mounting rails with six of the most common VESA hole patterns to ensure maximum compatibility. For the time being, only 70 are being made so this is serious exclusivity. There’s longevity in the design too as Heckler is planning on optional accessories like soundbar and XBOX Kinect mounting kits!

Don’t need a TV stand, back the project with just $70 to support independent design. This is key. We NEED to ensure independent design is here to stay. As a reward, you’ll receive a signed OneLessTV blueprint printed by one of the last traditional blueprinters, plus access to exclusive behind-the-scenes product development videos/photos – a boon for industrial design students keen on seeing how products are manufactured.

Designer: Dean Heckler for Heckler Design on CKIE