CKIE Spotlight: Nooka Wall Clock

I have quiet little corner in my heart for Nooka products. They’ve created a brand unique in a world of “me too” designs. Everyone and I do mean EVERYONE rocks Nooka wrist wear. Teens, dads, celebs – hell, even the most pragmatic people find something endearing about Nooka watches. But why limit it to your wrist? The designs are clearly strong and bold enough to exist in a different format. The Nooka Wall Clock is like a Nooka watch on steroids, sans wrist strap of course. Support it on CKIE.

People have been asking for it – a giant size version of the classic Nooka watch face and it’s finally here. The watches turned wall clocks fare even better with all the extra real estate. Everything is BIGGER and easier to read while retaining the fit and finish Nooka products are known for. It’s a stunning example of how good design is easily translatable into many forms.

Through CKIE, you have the opportunity to make sure the Nooka Wall Clock receives the funding it deserves. $500 gets you a pre-order of the ZenV display. $550 gets you a pre-order of the Zirc display and $1000 gets you the “OMFG it’s so GORGEOUS” copper ZenH.

There are many rewards for smaller investments. For as little as $50, you get the mini nookanooka, the official Nooka mascot, whom by the way is famous in the vinyl toy market. Reach a little deeper in those pockets and you get to choose from a number of rewards from Nooka’s ever-expanding line of wallets, sunglasses and of course watches.

Designer: Matthew Waldman on CKIE