Crystal Power Up

So I was in the comic books and games store the other day, minding my own business, and what catches my eye? Dice. Thousands of dice. All sizes and shapes and amounts of sides and materials. Materials, you say? Yes, there was a case full of dice whose prices ranged into the triple digits for a small pack: packs of silver, gold, and other fine materials. Wacky wonderful! So what’ve the designers at Calypso Crystal got brewing for you in their lab along these lines? Maybe something… crystal?

An iPhone dock, of course!

You didn’t see that material coming, did you? Especially with a name like Calypso Crystal?

There’s nothing like a market filled with people so passionate about their product that they’d strive to get that product not only made with the finest craftsmanship, but made of the finest materials, too. I’m surprised they’ve not made an iPod cord studded with diamonds yet, or perhaps MacBook cases sewn out of endangered yak’s wool. Luckily, or perhaps by some divine will, there is this bit of magic right here: “Crystal Dock” for your iPhone. Use it in your office, use it in your bedroom, or use it on a mountain (see gallery below.)

Calypso Crystal informs us that each dock is made entirely by hand out of a solid chunk of crystal glass. There are four designs: Aurora (produced only in 999 units,) Beau, Celestia and Dune. All designs sync and charge iPhones and I wager to bet any other sort of iPod that’ll fit.

Designer: Calypso Crystal

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