My Doggy Bestest!

Cute as a button, the DIY Doggy Lamp for your desk is super convenient and awesome! Besides being a lamp, the doggy also is a holder for all your desk-stuff like pens, pencils, stapler, ruler etc. The basics include stamped wooden sheet for the dog-design, screws, washers, bulb-socket and wire. However, you will need to buy your own bulb. My only concern will be wiring the socket, coz an untidy job done there can be dangerous.

Good news is that you can actually buy this pooch!

Designer: David Zhang

DIY Doggy Desktop Lamp by David Zhang








  • Scott206 says:

    Very nice design. Um.. maybe I missed it , but where is this on sale. Doesn’t seem to be in the Yanko store under “lighting” Anyhow, good luck with it.

  • Will says:

    So cute! where can i buy it – i want to give it to a friend of mine as a going away to college present

  • Hey, this is really cool. My daughter fell in love with it and wants one for her desk so she can work on her homework. I’m an engineer and also like the way it comes un-assembled. Great idea.

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