Bring This Book to Me

This project right here is about a notch. A notch in the top of a book. In every single page along the top, making it a cinch to pull out with your finger from your collection on the shelf. It’s all about getting that book all out of the shelf, all at once. Truly taking the book off the shelf is the most taxing of steps in reading a book, especially in a simple thin book like the one in the example here. But if you’re reading The Fountainhead, still, you wanna make it as easy as possible. Whip it out!

The original title of this project was “Come on my book,” but because it is part of my job to help in translating for brilliant designers who require assistance in English, especially with unfortunate slang similarities, I decided to add a comma. This project shall henceforth be known as “Come On, My Book.” Certainly that is the intention.

Designer: Ha Cho Hee


Come on my Book by Ha Cho Hee