Free Diving is a Dangerous Sport

And yet more and more people are doing it. Why people why?!?! Listen, we weren’t meant to be underwater. The fact that our cell walls start to explode and oxygen levels deplete in a few minutes should be half a clue that mother nature didn’t design us to be here. Then again, nature didn’t design us to fly nor sit at the computer blogging all day so I digress. If you love free diving, then you may need the D-eepdive gadget.

There’s two bits to this setup. Both are wristwatches but one monitors the state of the free diver – the one plunging head first into the abyss on a single breath. The other device receives information about free diver so should he/she suffer from hypoxia and suddenly faint (apparently very common in this extreme sport), the safety or control diver can save the day. The whole thing works via Bluetooth and nanotechnology. Don’t ask me how – the designer doesn’t really explain other than suggesting the chip inside each device requires nanotech to work.

Designers: Murat Ozveri & Anil Dincer For Design Quadro

D-eepdive - Safety Gadgets For Diving by Murat Ozveri & Anil Dincer for Design Quadro





  • Paul says:

    It’s a bit of an issue, when designers resort to vaguely describing details as a way around the lack of existing technology, or worse, lack of research.

    The concept is good, but it’s amazing how ‘nanotechnology’ seems to be the answer to everything these days.

  • Lamah says:

    Why does the designer need to invoke nanotechnology to produce a product which is no more complicated than a watch with a large screen?

    The designer knows even less about Bluetooth than they do about nanotech. Bluetooth is low power and short range, designed for low-powered devices to communicate at low bitrates over the air. The signal will never travel far enough to be useful underwater.

  • Yes, it’s dangerous, in fact, dangerous is an understatement. I can attest to that because I almost died while I was freediving in Florida last year. But still, a lot of people are doing because humans bu nature, love to live on the edge and there’s nothing in this world that puts you on the edge like freediving.

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