Zero Has Some Value

Zero has an enormous amount of value when you are calculating and even on your ruler. The specialized Zero Point Ruler places “0” plum in the center of the stick so that it’s easy to measure out or draw lines. Traditionally rulers or scales start off with “0” flushed to the left; this ruler has it placed in the center as a matter of convenience. Wonder if it will make any difference to your measuring skills! BTW, there is a solar panel running along one length of the scale, and no specific reason mentioned. Anyone willing to venture a guess?

Designers: Hoyoung Lee, Seunghwa Jeong, Jin-young Yoon & Youngwoo Park

Zero Point Ruler by Hoyoung Lee, Seunghwa Jeong, Jinyoung Yoon & Youngwoo Park





  • roel says:

    I wanne guess! I think the numbers are a LCD screen, and the 0 position can changed by pointing at it! and that would also explain the solar panel.

  • brack says:

    very simple and good idea.

  • Armin says:

    Yup, a simple and elegant solution! Far better than extending the ruler on the other end.

  • c. says:

    it would be ridiculously expensive for what it is. this a designer designing for designers.

  • tudza says:

    I have several rulers for mechanical drawing. All start and end their scales well away from the end edge. If you have to use a ruler that is not made this way, you start from the “1” mark which is at least an inch away from the offending edge.

    This ruler seems to solve a non-problem.

  • trimtab21 says:

    this would be great for measuring equally from a center line, such as marking points for drawer pulls. it needs to show the millimeter marks too.

  • Bauski says:

    wow, with all that high-tech mubojumbo thez forgot to explain the way of use but the guess from roel kinda makes sense

    anyhow, ever had one of these in your hand?

    No electronics (simplicity) and still 0 ist not at the end

  • James says:

    solar panel is to power the ruler, so you can move the zero point. It’s not always in the middle – it’s wherever you want it.

    It does solve a non-problem for people that can add.

  • Feniks says:

    For Bauski
    We used them in primary school.

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