Dis is no Chicken Egg

Let’s get to planting for a moment here, yes? Let’s discuss how this design called the “EggPot” really works. It’s all about humidification. Humidity? Yes. The way the egg sits in the pot there, it collects. Collects the sweat of the world through the natural processes of Mother Nature. And you don’t even have to work out to make it get fed! Come with me, fellow designers, and crack this egg on your mind grapes so we can make jelly.

Talk to me. How real is an egg such as this? Of one thing I am certain: the form of this project is loveliness. Even if the natural magic doesn’t make this a hands-free project, the plant pot itself is pretty darn cute. Just think of a giant row of eggs, each one cracked a bit different, each one of them growing a tiny plant. Sounds like a fun school project if you ask me.

Keep on pottin.

Designer: BANG ki ryoul

Eggpot by BANG ki ryoul