Be a Superstar! Here’s Your Chance to Be on Reuters TV

Hiya YDers; let me tell you a true story for a change. I’ve been on YD for almost five months now and its been the best joyride of my life. Typically speaking, being an online journalist is not very exciting, but thanks to YD I got in touch with so many exciting new people, that I feel I know all of you like family. Power of YD is such, that I even got interviewed by my local Radio Station on bloggers and their life! It brought me my two minutes of fame. Here’s your chance to claim your fame on Reuters TV. Read on to learn more…

Reuters TV is doing a gig about YD and wants to showcase designers who have been inspired or helped by YD in any ways. Like if your concept got noticed by the community or better still, realized into an actual product, then that’s the story we’re looking for.

If your story gets picked, then a representative from Reuters TV will get in touch with you and document a video of you telling your story.

Please mail Takashi your inspirational testimonial.