Toys for Senior Dogs, Old Soul Review

If you’ve ever perused the toy aisle of a pet store, the options are overwhelming. “One for every occasion” is an understatement. It occurred to me most toys were geared towards puppies and young adults. The seniors, much like their human counterparts, totally get shafted. I have a 9 y.o. dog which by canine standards is more than mature. My search led me to a series of dog toys called Old Soul by a cool little company called Planet Dog.

At first glance, it’s a set of squishy plush toys but grab it and you’ll feel the difference. As dogs age, life cheats them with reduced vision, snout strength, and stiff joints. It seems rather unfair for a lifetime of love and loyalty but do these toys do anything different and better than toys marketing for gentle chewers?

The Orbee Ball comes from a line of award winning toys called Orbee-Tuff. The Old Soul version is softer, more pliable and stretchy with a little treat spot. The Slobber-Wick bone (adorable name) is a lot softer than other rubberized bones and it makes a satisfyingly “clicks” when compressed. The Squeak Buddies and Bones are almost elastic, woven to deal with immense tension. All 4 toys come in 3 sizes. So where does ID help?

The obvious answer is material choice and construction. Just because they’re soft doesn’t mean they’re fragile. These toys last as evidence by these pictures. After a month of everyday play – a good washing makes them new again; not a single mar or broken stitch. Even the colors make sense. There’s much debate about what dogs can actually see but it’s clear they are highly acute to contrast. The silvery white is indicative of canines growing grey from age. The bright teal is contrasty making it easier to see. These are also one of the few 100% recyclable and non-toxic dog toys out there.

What we like:

  • Call us minimalists but we love the unassuming design
  • Soft pliable materials perfect for gentle jaws
  • Bright contrast colors for vision
  • Tough construction for durability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made is the U.S.A. (for you American readers)
  • Affordable, ranging from $9 – $15

What could be improved:

  • A more engaging, interactive toy, perhaps treat dispensing or puzzle solving

Company: Planet Dog [ Buy It Here ]