Grape Vines Goes Green

That green bandwagon is speeding down the global highway at break neck speeds and corporations are rushing to hop on. That’s the good news… the other good news is that electronics giant Siemens is looking for ways to make bold and beautiful green statements with these cordless telephone designs. Siemens Home and Office Communication division commissioned design firm Formwelt with guidance from Hans-Henning Brabänder to dream up these ultimate green phones for the home or office. The “Gigaset Eco Visions” “Leaf” and “Solar” are made of recyclable raw materials, such as eco-plastic and liquid wood. Sun-light is used as a natural energy source for handsets. An eco-index provides the “nutritional facts” regarding the environmental-friendliness of each phone. This includes the percentage of organic materials and number of components used at disassembly, the energy consumption and emissions in use and production as well as the how recyclable each product is. So much more relevant info on all the ways this design is innovative below.

Designer: Formwelt Studio

Leaf has a unique natural design reminiscent of a leaf in spring. The eco plastics provide sensational haptics and substantial convenience. The invisible OLED display is embedded in a translucent lens encasement, giving the phone a futuristic touch.

Solar, the high-end phone in this series uses all-over solar cells for a self-sustaining energy supply. It recharges naturally in the sun. The eco-index indicates the renewable energy use. Made of pure, separable materials (metal, eco-plastics, glass) the Gigaset Solar is truly state of the art high-tech inside and out. OLED touchpad technology allows a function-depending key indication on the Solar’s transparent display.