Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air is ultrathin, ultraportable, and ultra unlike anything else. But you don’t lose inches and pounds overnight. It’s the result of rethinking conventions. Of multiple wireless innovations. And of breakthrough design. With MacBook Air, mobile computing suddenly has a new standard. Priced at $1799 USD and ships in two weeks. You can pre-order online here.

Designer: Apple

The thinness of MacBook Air is stirring. But perhaps more impressive, there’s a full-size notebook encased in the 0.16 to 0.76 inch of sleek, sturdy anodized aluminum. And at just 3.0 pounds,1 MacBook Air is more than portable — it’s with you everywhere you go.

The glossy 13.3-inch, widescreen LED backlit MacBook Air display is the same viewable size as the screen on MacBook. The 1280-by-800 resolution gives you vibrant images and rich colors at full brightness the moment you open MacBook Air. So you get full-screen performance with all the benefits of a slim design.

The keyboard is full-size with crisp keys just like the ones on MacBook. But MacBook Air goes further by adding backlit key illumination, making it easy to work in low-light settings such as airplanes and conference halls. A built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts keyboard and display brightness for optimal visibility. And with the oversize multi-touch trackpad, it just keeps getting better for fingers.



  • WorkingYourInovice says:

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! Been waiting 3 years for this!!!

  • Madoublet says:

    That is awesome, but pricey.

  • Brandson says:

    This is going to sell very well. I’ve never owned a Mac, but $1799 seems very reasonable to me. Similar form factor laptops from other vendors cost more and aren’t as portable. This type of product is not for someone looking for performance, but even so I don’t see anything terribly deficient with the specs. It’s for someone who wants a very portable computer that looks really good and is fun to use. This is the first Apple product I’ve ever considered buying for myself.

  • Riemannian says:

    Sure there’ll be a market for it but it’s not going to sell incredibly well. It will sell on aesthetics but I don’t think that’s necessarily what Apple was aiming for. They were aiming for attracting the mobile business warrior with a high-end device. I’m not even remotely tempted by this product like I usually am with all the previous Apple updates. Luckily Apple’s other products are reasonalbly strong they can afford some time to drop their prices. I think they should have waited a year or two for SSD and component prices to fall.

  • Riemannian says:

    It will sell to people with money to burn. I’m pretty price sensitive but I shelled out easily for a 24” IMac because it was a great value with good usability.

  • Ashwin Mudigonda says:

    Talk about the battery, now.

    • Tim says:

      lol…good one….my sister is dying to get rid of her 2 laptops and get this one…..but good comment though!!!

  • Wow! It exceeds all expectations!

    It has an excelent design and excelent unique specifications, like the multi-touch trackpad, the keyboard with LED Backlight and, of course, the small size!

  • shane says:

    looks and sounds great, except for the lack of an optical drive. not much use without one of those i think.

  • etienne says:

    I think it is funny how people are reacting to the release of Apple products. Somehow, Apple just turned everyone’s mind into the will to possess their product.
    But finally, when you look at the product, what do you have? A very thin laptop (i agree, it is thin). And why is it that thin? Because they just took components out:

    >> No optical drive, small and weak battery, 80Go capacity at only 4.200 tpm??!! , no ethernet connection, no firewire connection, no AUDIO connection !!

    • etienne says:

      I’m very disappointed in Yanko Design for adding this “pre-order” post.
      Are you guys talking about design? What means design for you?

    • Blakeley says:

      EVERY product has its market. The MacBook Air is for the wives of rich guys who just want something light enough to fit in their purse and that can surf the web and do simple basic tasks.

    • TH says:

      First, it’s supposed to be ultraportable. There are Macbooks and MacBook Pros for other kinds of use. Check any ultraportable out there, they are very likely to lack optical drives, most have weaker batteries and smaller HD’s.

      Second, what I like about this product is that they didn’t just leave stuff out. They invented ways to live without them. That’s why they launched the wireless back up device, the external optical drive and the ingenious remote drive -system at the same time. For the functionality that you’d normally need ethernet ports, firewires and optical drives, you now have a wireless alternative.

      It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, obviously. With ultraportables you need to make compromises, and I think NOT compromising with usability in terms of screen and keyboard size will win many people over. In addition to the brilliand form factor, of course.

    • qwerty says:

      u forgot 1 usb

  • Jorge says:

    COME ON!!!
    One USB PORT?!?! no DVD Drive?!?!?
    Are you kiddin’?!?!

    • Padriac says:

      “A feature isn’t a feature if you don’t use it”.

      Everybody will enjoy the benefits of thing being lighter and sexier, not everybody needs ethernet or firewire or optical drives.

      That’s it… that’s the whole idea behind this product.

  • Chris A. Wronski says:

    You’re right “etienne,” this post has nothing to do with design.

  • Zach says:

    It’s very pricey, and i wonder how durable something this thin can be.

  • xonegon says:

    its a good product, allthow I’ll stick to my not so beautifull HP,in a way the airmac doesn’t completly comfort me

  • dice says:

    No cd/dvd drive, one usb, and no firewire connection. This mac is specifically for non-professionals and apples knows it.

  • Nick says:

    I think it’s actually explicitly for professionals.

    There aren’t any designers that are going to be using this unless they just
    need to touch up or display things while travelling.

    Who would want to do design on a tiny screen such as the air?

    This is for business users who don’t want to lug around a laptop. While I
    do think that lack of a media drive is funky, I think it’s warranted.

    Just pick up a USB DVD drive if you really need it.

    And if you constantly need a DVD drive, don’t buy a micro form laptop.

    Too many people want a AIR thin Macbook pro – that’s not the point. If you
    want a multimedia workstation get a pro or a desktop. If you want a super
    portable sexy latop/toy – get the AIR.

  • Forrest Radford says:

    Just like to make a comment for all those who think the macbook air. I happen to own all apple laptops and the macbook air is by far the best out of all three. For the price you actually get a lot. It really is an ultra portable macbook pro. It’s powerful and has all the great new features you’d expect to get from any other mac. Now the issues of It looks like you could snap it like a twig, and it has no cd drive and only 1 usb port, etc. Well honestly, who uses 2 usb ports all the time? And if you do get the Kensington 4 usb thing. Also this amazing piece of equipment is made for the wireless world. You really don’t need a cd drive and if you do use the superdrive or use someone else’s using remote disc. Finally the it could be snapped like a twig. The macbook air is the strongest laptop apple has ever made. Much much stronger than the macbook pro or regular macbook. It really is the best computer I’ve ever owned. I agree with some comments above but please please do your research before you make comments about a product you don’t know about or don’t own.

  • Donald Alcivar says:

    I don’t speak English…I speak Spanish…
    Estoy interesado en adquirir computadores para comercialización en Ecuador…por favor indiquenme en donde está ubicado su empresa para porder dialogar mejor, y buscar mecanismos de comercialización en Ecuador…
    espero su respuesta!!!

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