Chocolate Portable HDD

Break me off a piece of that! This portable hard drive looks like a chocolate bar but thats where the similarities end. Each piece is made of a modular flash drive. The central hub is a touchscreen to help you view and organize your collective files. In theory it sounds clever and usable but would this really work in the real world?

Designer: Sang-Hoon Lee


  • lyn says:

    Cool, but i’d lose all those pieces.

  • jin woo han says:

    It doesn’t make sense. ARe there any button on the body? The very right USB and the bottom one has no space to put into.

  • sanghoon says:

    Thankyou for your advice. but It hasn’t push button. It’s touchscreen & touch button..

  • Groovey says:

    Ok what can i say ? I find the design interesting but i find the idea not interesting and not usefull at all 🙂 .

  • jin woo han says:

    ㅋㅋㅋ 알았어 열심히해

  • Mandatory Field says:

    Seems to be an interesting concept. Allows for pretty granular file management and grab-and-go. As long as you remembered to clearly label the porn and work PowerPoint niblets. Because that would be seriously embarrassing. Not to mention the hassle of looking for new employment….

  • AAJ111 says:

    It’s so cute!!

  • Stang70Fastback says:

    I think that’s pretty cool. There could be quite a few useful applications for this…
    …though I can’t think of any right this moment.

  • Future Technologies says:

    Delicious and tasty, but I wonder about practicality. They could also get lost (mmm, eaten) and then you may have to buy more (mmm, chocolates) to replace them.

  • HANSWURST0815 says:

    It only looks good if you have all 16 pieces connected.

  • Flyboy says:

    its a shame the designers have to reference some other common object – as they cannot articulate a new form worthy of design development.

    In other words, if you can’t come up with a decent shape – copy something else or another famous designer.

    • Willboy says:

      I believe Picasso once said, “There is no such thing as creativity, just creative thievery.”

  • Hatsenbrug.22 says:

    It has all 12pieces~ haha!! Is that a point of above reply? Is it important for the comment??

  • Maksim says:

    Lovely, but utterly useless piece of digital nonsence. First, it only looks good when all pieces are connected, as somebody pointed out already. Second, what is the point of connecting just some of the pieces if you already have all of them(since they have to come in the box with the drive)? Third, nobody would ever disconnect the pieces in fear of losing them. Fourth, by the time I finished writing this, I am already a little sick of the device, and of the amount of publicity it got. 1 out of 10.

  • Joseph says:

    Does it come in peanut butter crap flavor? Waste of cash, waste of time, waste of thought.

    Now if it had an OS so you could play mp3s and movies, print docs & photos and connect to the internet. Gave alittle interaction with the USB ports as keys or locked em in tight so you wouldn’t break a USB port if you drop the thing.

    Another idea who’s inventor’s failed to breath proper life into.

    “Ya coulda been somebody. Ya could have been a contender.”

  • Cime says:

    Depending on how the software works, it’s a great idea for collecting files or data from different people. As an instructor, I’d hand out a piece to each student for submitting their final work. I currently do this with USB keys when a common network isn’t available but it’s hassle to consolidate files.

  • Joshua says:

    Am I just missing it, or is no one even curious about the capacity of each key or the capacity of the whole thing?

  • sanghoon says:

    The detail explanation of this product is:

    As you know, usual portable Hard disks can be used only by the computer. But, this chocolate portable hard disk can arrange and check the data without the computer. By using the external chocolates, a user arranges and searches the data more easily. Also, shifting the data you want to share with, too!

  • heying says:

    hello,designer,i love it very much,can you tell me how much and where i can buy it?
    thank you very much

  • macyo94 says:

    Awsome design. I wish I could go out to bestbuy and get one of them.

  • macyo94 says:

    Hey where can I buy one and for how much?

  • khushaal says:

    I have been working past few days on a project which looks physically similar. My plan is to connect perhaps 8 very fast USB drives to a hub and then run as RAID. Result is a home-made solid state disk with good performance. My inspiration comes from which was referenced .

    Your concept is a valuable data management solution with genuine applications (and it looks good).

    • khushaal says:

      sorry i screwed up the posting, but the two links are still usable

  • James G. says:

    Ok, some actual constructive criticism. Instead of everyone saying “what a pile”.
    Give some feed back, douchebags.

    What is the conceptual size of the drives?
    Would there be a raid array of any type for the drives?
    It’s a clever design, but of course not practical, unless the use is to create the same data on each.
    A touchscreen would be useless to manage files on such a usb device. So lets rule that out of the concept, and leave it be a usb hub. With drives to match!

    Hope this helps your concept, slims it down, gets it in the right price range and get’s marketed!!!

  • ignorance is ignoran says:

    It isn't practical if you wanted to organize your files on your thumbdrive all you would have to do is find a computer there is no need to have multiple thumbdrives and a handheld device to organize the information. All you need is one thumbdrive and a computer.

  • ignorance is ignorance, not bliss says:

    It isn’t practical if you wanted to organize your files on your thumbdrive all you would have to do is find a computer there is no need to have multiple thumbdrives and a handheld device to organize the information. All you need is one thumbdrive and a computer.

  • There will be no pleasure to lose a piece))

  • There will be no pleasure to lose a piece))

  • LiiBot says:

    one application for this is at school…

    teachers can transfer data e.g spreadsheets, docs, presentations, quick and easy

    but with the ever growing technology of blue-tooth networking this innovation could get old quick

  • Idea creator says:

    The use is just MAGIC :
    Imagine you are presneting you’re last concept to the director board + your company is “waste of paper” preocupied.

    TADAAAA : all th director can take the presentation home and they just need to bring the key to your next presentation.

    Problem : they will lost the key
    Solution: for a ONE SHOT presentation can give you great impression

    Definitely a great idea these usb keys

  • Josh says:

    The hub is a bit too much to ask for…a touchscreen that organizes your files?
    From the pics provided, it seems as if the numerous usb ports will take up most of the hub. Adding a touchscreen and an organizer is impossible to do in that much space.

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