Sony Ericsson PXi For Lefties

Bence Bogar must be a leftie because his SE PXi concept is a product specifically created for all lefties tho it’s flexible enough for righties too. Obviously following the current direction of SE’s P series of smartphones, the PXi is powerful while staying somewhat slim and ergonomic. The body is magnesium framing a big 3.3 inch touchscreen. The screen rotates automatically ala iPhone and is optimized for both finger and stylus input. The right side of the unit houses a jogdial and a secondary touchscreen which adapts to whatever app is currently open. The smartphone also sports not 1 but 2 card slots for all memory whores. Business functions aside, the PXi is equipped with stereo speakers and a Cybershot class 5 megapixel camera.

I don’t know much about lefties but if the PXi was created with them in mind, isn’t the jogdial on the wrong side? I’m just saying.

Designer: Bence Bogar