Sony Ericsson PXi For Lefties

Bence Bogar must be a leftie because his SE PXi concept is a product specifically created for all lefties tho it’s flexible enough for righties too. Obviously following the current direction of SE’s P series of smartphones, the PXi is powerful while staying somewhat slim and ergonomic. The body is magnesium framing a big 3.3 inch touchscreen. The screen rotates automatically ala iPhone and is optimized for both finger and stylus input. The right side of the unit houses a jogdial and a secondary touchscreen which adapts to whatever app is currently open. The smartphone also sports not 1 but 2 card slots for all memory whores. Business functions aside, the PXi is equipped with stereo speakers and a Cybershot class 5 megapixel camera.

I don’t know much about lefties but if the PXi was created with them in mind, isn’t the jogdial on the wrong side? I’m just saying.

Designer: Bence Bogar


  • Martin says:

    Well, it’s on the opposite side to the P1i, which one presumes is designed for rightys … I suppose the reasoning is, if you’re holding the stylus in your preferred hand, then you’re holding the phone in your non-preferred hand — and then your thumb lines up with the jogdial.

  • Aaron says:

    Hmm… so, Sony left the PDA market in the U.S. Is this an attempt to get back in via Sony Ericsson?

  • Stefan says:

    The jog dial on the right hand side makes more sense for those who are right handed.
    I’ve got the W950i with the jog dial on the left. When I’m using the phone with one hand (my right) to text using t9 (or whatever they are calling the predictive text) it is rather cumbersome to scroll through the different options needing to adjust my grip. With the jog dial on the right you can text with your thumb and use the jog dial with your index finger at the same time!!

  • GL says:

    I think it’s correct.
    Doesn’t most people use their phone with the non-preferred hand? Or at least it should be on the opposite side of which hand holds the stylus.

    I find it exactly the same with shopping bags too.

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  • levente says:

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  • ali says:

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