Night Light / Alarm Clock by Ming Hsu

This product aims to redefine the alarm clock. With digital science and technology, this product offers the user a comfortable and satisfying feeling when waking up. It offers an experience of waking up and being able to stretch out without any restricting elements. The condition is mainly for the bedroom. By putting the product on the nightstand next to the bed, it can function as both a night light and a regular alarm clock. Program the product with favorite music, a certain situation or environment, and fragrant essences. By simulating a relaxing environment, in forest as an example, users can be wakened up happily and comfortably every morning.

The user can use control panel to program the preferred environment every day. Films of surroundings and music can be downloaded through a memory card or by wireless network. Combining a lamp to the product, either at night or daytime, it can be used as night-light or ordinary lamp. The fragrant essences are filled in a container in the back of the product. The essences can be added as it is used or changed. The container can be easily taken out , washed or replaced by a new one.

The procedure of being wakened up

Step one: The fragrant essences are spread because of the heat produced by the machine. The fragrant essences make the user feels full of vigor and in high spirit in the morning.

Step two: While the fragrance spread out in the room, the programmed music or sound is slowly increased in volume to wake the user up from dreaming gradually to the comforting and relaxing music.

Step three: By using the machine to project a film in a certain environment on the ceiling of the bedroom, the user feels as if wakening up in his/her selected beautiful surroundings.

Designer: Ming Hsu