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This bicycle towable teardrop trailer is made for solo camping adventures!

Mody Serien Fahrradwohnwagen

The popularity of e-bikes and bicycles around the globe is soaring high, and at the other end of the spectrum, RVs have gained so much attention during the pandemic-ridden 2020. A very niche segment – the bike camper market is expanding beyond just the DIY creations – giving eco-conscious users reason enough to explore this undeniable proposition. Scout Camper by CreaCon is a good example of clean energy commuting and adventure on the open trails, and yet another one caught our attention.

The Mody bicycle caravan by Rösrath, Germany-based ModyPlast who have their expertise in making composite race car components, have turned to a very different kind of side hustle. Creating a compact caravan that can be hauled behind a bicycle. Since it’s going to be towed with the pedal-powered effort of the rider, the makers have kept the teardrop camper’s weight to the minimum. That said, pulling it behind an electric bicycle is going to be a more practical option, and Mody is made for that kind of road adventure. The mini caravan’s body is crafted out of vacuum-sealed foam-core carbon fiber or fiberglass, the teardrop shaped-caravan doesn’t need the assurance of a metal chassis and internal frame, thanks to the structurally strong composite design. That means the two bar and axle are bolted to the aluminum inserts in the floor – made from load-supporting composite foam construction. There’s a roof vent, ventilation for the door, wall paneling for the interiors and a small window on the sides, and a bigger one on the front. As an option, the user can also opt for the roof-mounted solar panel and outdoor awning.

Mody is available in three variants – one which is a Tourer model fitted with 26-inch street wheels, the second one being the hybrid Trekking variant having off-road and city commute capability, and the third one being the pure outdoor model that comes with higher ground clearance. All of them can propel forward at a speed of 15.5 mph which is the European Union’s speed limit for pedelec bicycles. On the inside, there is enough space for the rider to take a rest break or maybe even sleep overnight. There is the option to get a collapsible kitchen, outdoor table, chairs, and a choice of coolers that can be strapped along with the eyelets. When you’ve arrived at your destination the trailer stands firm on the support legs that can be deployed for a night camping adventure!

Designer: ModyPlast

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