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sang hoon lee

Sip Of Light

Preface; reading in the dark is bad people – like really bad. Students are especially notorious for this act. I know studying in the dark seems…

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Chocolate Portable HDD

Break me off a piece of that! This portable hard drive looks like a chocolate bar but thats where the similarities end. Each piece is made…

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Sit Down With A Good Book

There’s this preconceived notion that books have to be displayed on shelves, ala library style but our modern lives don’t exactly allow for large shelving units…

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Draw It Out

A cellphone with a touchpad used to write. The idea is to create a phone without all the bells and whistles for people who just want…

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Happy Feet

In the year 2020, the importance of hygiene will be even greater than it is today. This appliance called Happy Feet, is a solution for cleaning…

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