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Room Division Done Right

As urban living faces space challenges, this design team has a good solution to make most of the limited carpet area that your home may have….

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Save Water Simply

We commonly overlook the fact that the water we use to clean dishes, flush the toilet, or water plants is the same quality of what we…

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Reclaimed Refinement

The latest in a series titled Souvenir of the Last Century, the MMXII kitchen merges old and new in a stunning presentation of raw material and…

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Ultraponic Superstars

In your kitchen, of all places! Who of you would love to use themselves an “Ekokook?” Don’t know what that is? I’ll tell you! It’s a…

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Carved From A Block of Chrome

Here are two products destined for production. The Chiseled and U-Turn faucet concepts come to us by way of  Design Jordan. I love the contrast between…

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