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Long Distance Glass

One of the reasons why I adore Li Jianye’s works is his simplistic approach to design. Be it the original Flexibin or the iShelf; both exude…

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Crucify My Love

For quite a while I used to believe that infidelity is a state of mind. This was till I realized that porn and men are like…

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Best of January 2009

Every month we take a look around and select some of the most interesting designs that was showcased here. Below you’ll find the most popular designs…

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Coverflow goes Manual

Without getting into an audiophiles debate over music formats, it’s fair to say that for many of us, our music collection still exists in a physical…

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Attracted to time

Who here remembers Harry? That lovable toy consisting of a cartoon picture of a bald man that you would move magnetic shaving around and create your…

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