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Safer Bathtubs Are So Good!

Mat lined or not, the danger of slipping in bathtubs still remains the prime reason for bathroom accidents. One of the innovative ways thought out by…

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Bathtub Convenience

The Elevated Bathtub is a very thoughtful bathing experience for those who suffer from limited mobility. I have a parent who has both their knees replaced…

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Unmonitored Bathtub

The Water Lock is an automatic water meter and a locking device for use on bathtub taps. What you need to do is simply set the…

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New Bathtub Obsession

I am going to assume that the Lotus is a Bluetooth speaker that syncs with your smartphones and devices, to provide sublime auditory satisfaction while taking…

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The Clever Bathtub

Reinventing a bathtub is not an easy job and maybe this is why we see little innovations in this field. For a moment picture a bathtub…

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Bathtub Scultpures

The organic form of the Bagno Sasso Ocean Wing and larger Ocean Wave bathtubs is made possible by using thermoformed Corian. Here, the versatile material’s shape…

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