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Urn en Vogue

What’s the deal with archetypical urns looking so drab? Friends, if you’re reading this, please make sure my ashes end up in something a little sexier!…

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Lifebook or Voltron?

This Lifebook concept merges multiple portable devices together to form a single computer. ‘Lifebook Frame Series’ features an integrated and detachable multifunctional unit – the ‘Lifegear’…

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Hammerheads Above Us

Inspired by the head of a shovel, (and quote obviously also by the head of a certain fancy looking shark,) this is the modular street lighting…

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A New Slide Cell

Mobile phone, mobile phone, how many of you are there, oh you mobile phone? There are infinite iterations of the tiny communicator, the cellular, the mobile,…

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Cubish Audio Blasters

This project goes by the name “Edge” and it comes in a bunch of different colors and works wirelessly. What more could anyone want? Let’s talk…

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Two Wooden Curves

Here we’ve got two projects, a chair, and a door, both made by “FORMBOTEN.” They might seem disparate, but they’re hella the same. They’re both super…

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