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Evolution of the Wall Clock

Designer Daeun Joung’s latest concept looks like nothing more than a three-dimensional piece of wall art… but it’s that and more. The sculptural design actually triples…

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Death of the Wall Clock

The BIBO watch (name derived from the Indian name Biboswan meaning Sun God) is a response to the modern work week, which renders wall-mounted home clocks…

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Perplexing Wall Clock

Using the same lenticular printing technology as many image-shifting postcards and “wiggle pictures,” the AM/PM Wall Clock by Studio Dreimann allows the viewer to read both…

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Paper Wall Clock

Amarillo2 is a handcrafted cardboard and paper wall clock, built beautifully with love and passion. The clock’s colorful hands break up the concentric rings and angles…

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Long Wall Clock

There isn’t real need to change the mechanics of a circular analog clock. It’s efficient, compact and can scale to any size from a wrist watch…

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