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A Twist on the Traffic Light

Designed for everything from overpasses and bridges to pedestrian crossings and traffic lights, this innovative warning sign aims to prevent dangerous accidental crossings by vehicles that…

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Modular Traffic Lights

We have way too many hoardings and en route distractions while driving, and I complete get what these designers mean by ‘crowded traffic lights’. Any visible…

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New Kinda Traffic Lights

Urban weather conditions have rapidly deteriorated over the years and I experience this firsthand in my smog-ridden city. One of the side effects is decreased road…

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Yet Another Traffic Light!

We’ve seen some really cool Traffic Lights Concepts and going to the list is the Mobius Strip Lamp. It’s a one-in-all installation that features vehicle signals,…

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Traffic Lights Gets Smarter

The Control Safety Traffic Light Concept features an LED display that gradually changes the colors from Red to Green, with the Amber (or Yellow) fading in…

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