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Bontoy the Traveling Toy

There’s nothing like traveling with children. It can be hectic to keep them entertained while on the go. Trying to keep up with the small child,…

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The future is ear!

The Google Glass experiment didn’t go well, but it sure paved the way for a lot of innovation in the smart headgear area. The Emotion Headphones…

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Definite Exit

The Triangle Optical Gate Design makes it ample clear which side of the gate can be used to pass through and which cannot. The design employs…

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Rock Paper Matchstick

The Traveler’s Paper Kit is an amazing basic survival kit for travelers where ready tools are available and crafted from a sheet of paper. Folded into…

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Fingering The Coffee

I am always fascinated with the different coffee packaging that keeps popping up. This time around we have a finger-cover design that folds inside out. Basically…

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