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Moroso New York Store In All White

…Street in New York is transformed into an ethereal, all-white environment. Tokujin Yoshioka has built an art installation which will show the development of his Panna Chair. In New York, Tokujin creates a place of quiet refuge through a sculptural, all-white, cloud-like environment. The exhibition shows the development of Tokujin’s Panna Chair which was conceived by using existing materials in new ways. The Panna Chair, which means cream in Italia…

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I’m Your Venus

…gn process all the while creating sustainable products? Japanese designer, Tokujin Yoshioka has developed a process where he uses a fiber structure submerged in a water bath that encourages the growth of crystals. Being guided by Yoshioka, the natural process begins to form the Venus crystal chair – a beautiful design created by nature. The process Yoshioka uses will be at ‘Second Nature’, an exhibition he is directing at 21_21 Design Sight beginn…

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The Japanese Crystal Method

…cientist are still arguing is either a viscous liquid or solid. Now that I think of it, this material ambiguity is kind of sexy. Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka Images provided by Tokujin Yoshioka…

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Water Bar

…signed by Tadao Ando and the “waterfall” optical glass bar was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka and installation was performed by Olafur Eliasson. Together, this group of men created what appears to be a bar made from water. Using an optical glass block, the same material used in larger observatory telescopes, is crafted using unique techniques that creates the illusion of a “waterfall” while the light reflects off of the glass. Designer: Tokujin Yosh…

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Crumpled Rumpled Paper Sofa!

…ne trust me on this one; just follow my instructions! Ready? Take some paper, crumple it a lot, now take your sticky glue and apply it to the back of the paper. CB…DON’T STICK THE PAPER TO YOUR COMP! Do it like how my star student Tokujin Yoshioka has done, stick the paper one by one on the sofa! Simple! Update: For the record, the prototype of the sofa is not made from crumpled paper; it’s made from tensioned/shirred paper. Designer: Tokujin Yosh…

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Swarovski Sparkling Lake of Shimmer

…look at the video included in this post for mirrors in action. “Lake of Shimmer” – Swarovski stand at Baselworld 2009 Concept Design: Tokujin Yoshioka Construction: Expomobilia…

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