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10 Concepts on Grass!

First of all, this post is marijuana free, so all you stoners get out while you can still walk. Or stay! These ten grassy concepts might…

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A Garden For My Umbrella

Deftly christened “Ella”, this acrylic umbrellas stand features a green patch of grass at the bottom. The drizzle of drops from your wet umbrella trickle down…

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In The Mood For Some Candles

Dimmers be damned; nothing quite sets the mood for some romance than candles. Setting them up safely is another big question. Ah, solution-time: Candle.amp Mood Lights,…

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Tablet PC Made Of Wood

Since notebooks tend to go for sleek and shiny, here’s an alternative for all you traditionalists out there. The S-series notebook concept is made of wood….

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