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…out screens in various shades of shade and vibrant frames to match, these spectacles are quite the spectacle. Designer: Sang-Jang Lee…

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Impress In-Laws By The Perfect Rice Dish

…ver till you actually go out there and get yourself one, lets look at what Sang-Jang Lee is proposing. It’s a rice cooker that sports a touch interface lid and the promise of the perfect grain. The Rice Cooker features a concave pedal on top of pot, which is quite the hub of activity. This is where the touch panel is housed and a visual display comes to life when you…you guessed it…touch it! Navigating the menu on the panel is pretty straightforwa…

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Embrace Your Heat

Sang-Jang Lee is a dear old friend of YD and we have seen him give us some really great designs in the past. His current offering, the Blob Heater is a quite an eccentric personalized heating system. Kinda meant for a broken-hearted who craves for the body warmth of a partner. Something that Carrie Bradshaw would shy away from! Calling it a “hybrid between furniture and electric appliance”, this spandex covered blob measures 240” x 25” x 25” and…

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Best of Yanko Design 2009

…ewis. Permalink Hits: 23823. Comments: 25 40) Concrete Block Humidifier by Sang-Jang Lee. Permalink Hits: 23916. Comments: 19 39) Designers Workstation by Luke Riggall. Permalink Hits: 24187. Comments: 68 38) Keystick Keyboard by Yoosang Kim. Permalink Hits: 24321. Comments: 68 37) Interactive Tiles by Soo-Jin Chou. Permalink Hits: 24343. Comments: 16 36) Transparent Iron by Dong-Seok Lee. Permalink Hits: 24625. Comments: 55 35) “Break It” Package…

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Best of February 2009

…er by Eugene Cheong. Permalink Hits: 15591 5) Concrete Block Humidifier by Sang-Jang Lee. Permalink Hits: 15983 4) “I-Quad” Interactive Tiles by Soo-Jin Chou. Permalink Hits: 16412 3) “RT20” Highway Patroller by Mathieu Lewis. Permalink Hits: 16976 2) Top 10 Toaster Designs. Permalink Hits: 18371 1) “NVDRS” Cassette Tape Construction Digital Player by Stefano Pertegato. Permalink Hits: 34452 Do you have or know of a design that’s stunning enough t…

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