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Power to The Fast Tracks

T-box is a power generator that harnesses wind-energy when a train moves across the tracks. The box kind of merges with the sleepers on the…

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Clampy Washy Device

Here is something you wont understand – how I could just wash a hand… sized spot. All’s I really need is that one spot cleaned…

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Satisfying Drag

Don’t we just love to drag things around? We drag our commitment issues, our luggage; our emotional baggage….ah the list is endless. So what’s new…

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Crank Up Battery

Re-chargeable batteries are no good when they run out of power and you have no electric point handy to tank them up again. Here’s where…

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No Switch’n This Lamp!

Besides their whacky sense of poetry, designer duo Qian and Yiying’s perceptions in ID tickle me no end! For example this JOININ’ Lamp; now it…

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