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Food For Thought

There’s a paradigm shift in the science of food. Fifteen ago proper nutrition meant augmenting the kind of foods you ate. Buzz words like low-carb,…

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Printing My Food By The Molecule

Molecular gastronomy studies the physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking. It basically tries to investigate and explain the chemical reasons behind the transformation…

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The Fad Of Molecular Cooking

Gourmet Guru Michelin star chef Juan Mari Arzak, thinks Molecular Cooking is the next step in gastronomical heaven. Presented here are three design concepts –…

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Projectors Galore

Projectors, projectors, here and there, projectors, projectors, projecting on everywhere. According to Gareth Marples, the first conceptual drawing of a projector was done in 1420…

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Philips Next Simplicity Concept

After introducing its new brand promise sense and simplicity, Philips turned to design to explore tangible yet inspirational ways of communicating the brand promise through…

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