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Print-on-Demand Bicycle

For maximum efficiency and economic sensibility, the Luna Bicycle features 3D-printed components mixed with off-the-shelf parts. The design’s printed pieces include a nylon frame, front fork…

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The Pebble Effect

The limited edition Water Stone Faucet and sink system is as elegant as it gets. Working on the relationship between water, lights and the rippling effects…

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Computer All Rolled Up

A day will come when computers can be rolled up like newspapers, and concepts like Roll Me will make complete sense. Here’s why, it features e-paper…

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Fold Up Plastic City Bike

Bike maestro designer Omer Sagiv has another treat for us all. This one goes by the name “ReCycle Me” and is a fold-up plastic city bike….

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Hermes Auto Feet

The Hermes X is designed to be cross training shoes that will last you for a very long time. Its been conceptualized with body made out…

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Single Gear Wonder

The AO stands out for a simple and stylish bike that handles urban life with ease and comfort. It incorporates a ‘single gear’ system using a…

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