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Tunneling Toward Comfort

…d. In fact, one of the major inspirations for this collection for designer Noga Berman was observing children playing that classic game: hide and seek! Here you observe two lovely bits of furniture with the same sort of intention: to hide! In the stool you’re only going to be able to hide your books, your head, or your bunny rabbit. In the bed though, wow! You can hide so much more than that. it’s so big you could hide some activities in there! Bo…

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Seat of the Mummy

If you thought a bed and a stool were the wildest Noga Berman was going to get with the Tunnels collection of furniture, you’re about to be all wrapped up. This chair is the third bit of Tunnels – Encompassing Furniture we’re about to show you, the rest can be found by clicking Berman’s name below this post. This chair is the most radical one yet, in my opinion, as it can flip in more than one direction and can hide a whole person while another p…

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