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Pencil Printer Part Two

The refined Pencil Printer part II comes with detailed explanations and a better understand of saving the environment from paper trash and permanency of Ink! In…

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Zero Has Some Value

Zero has an enormous amount of value when you are calculating and even on your ruler. The specialized Zero Point Ruler places “0” plum in the…

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Play The Razor Prank

One of the pranks that you could play with your friends travelling by air is to slip this pill-sized box into their hand luggage. The pill…

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Don’t Give Up The Stub

Unless you are one of those twisted minds that create art out of pencil stubs, the normal routine would be to discard them. But from now…

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Printing A Road

The Road Printer is a device that can be used to print road-signs directly onto the road surface. As opposed to the tedious job of hand-painting…

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Customized Band Aid

With kids at home you do have to keep an assortment of shapes and sizes of band aid at home. More often than not, I use…

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