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Extension Cord Extreme

Instead of just having power outputs on one end of an extension cord, designer Wilson Song placed them all along the cord itself. We’re not electrical…

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Who needs an extension cord?

Though it looks like a familiar fragment of the past, the Power Extension PX-01 is contemporary tech! This power bank’s design takes on a form reminiscent…

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Electrical Botanical

Enough with the uber-functional electrical extension cables. I just want something that does the job and looks pretty! Which is why I have my money on…

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A Convenient Household Combo

“.tubEvolution” is just that- an evolution of 3 dissimilar yet practical things packed into one convenient package. At the circular center of the wall-mounted design are…

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The Beautiful Bone

The Bone is an elegantly designed extension cord, inspired by the form of the vertebra. It features an innovative and interactive structure that consists of only…

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This Is So Easy

It’s not rocket science but the clever addition of a simple niche to the cable tie design! The Easy_to_Cut cable tie makes snipping off a tie…

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