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"Arthur Xin"

The Sleep Switch

What if you could turn yourself from awake to asleep and back again with just a switch? Simply called the ON/OFF Alarm Clock, its oversized…

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One Cool Bookshelf

Just in time for winter, this icicle-inspired shelving brings a whole new level of “cool” to your interior space! Called the Melting Bookshelf, books are…

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A Twist on the Teacup

I’ll take tea over coffee any day, especially if it’s served up in something as sexy as the Gourd Teacup. Named for its curvaceous form,…

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Spooky Stationery Sorter

I never thought I’d say this, but this is a little ghost that eats up your spare thumbtacks. Sounds weird right? Until you see the…

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If Icebergs were Volcanos

Contrast in design can be quite a good thing. Makes you think, wonder, and then appreciate. The Iceberg Humidifier creates that type of contrast with…

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