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The Friendly IV-System

Pal is a new take on the iv system for non-ICU patients. It takes ergonomics and the psychological needs of the patient into consideration. Current machines…

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Super Clean Surfaces

The effervescent Andrew Kim is back again with yet another brilliant concept. This time it’s Warp, a cleaning system for your digital medias coupled with a…

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The iEveryting Stand

iMac – check; iPhone – check; iPad – check; iPod – check; looks like anything prefixed with an “i” has found its way to my desk…

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Meet My New Laptop Friends

Allow me to introduce to you Monami, French for ‘my friend’; but here a project by the versatile Andrew Seunghyun Kim. The Monami set consists of…

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Getting All Square with Coke

Alright eco-force! Get ready! It’s time to turn Coca Cola into…whaaa? An Earth-friendly means of distributing 20oz of soda! Coke’s always been a sort of futuristic…

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