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A New Lease On “Light”

I like looking at the Posh Lamp as a design exercise. What would normally be a run-of-the-mill portable light is elevated to something austere and “posh”…

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Extend to Contend!

Welcome to the future of furniture design, where to be static is to be left sitting still! Born of a desire to question contemporary furniture design,…

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The Book on The Side

Turn your book upon it’s side, and do not dare you put a soda upon it. Designer Aïssa Logerot turned the book on it’s longer end…

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Chopoon or Spooncho?

What would you like to call this really neat cutlery? Nothing fancy about it, but simply a soup spoon with no handle, just two pig-nose-like holes…

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Da Balloon Light

Tis a variable volume lamp, the variable volume lamp you’ve always wanted! Aïssa Logerot inflates the lighting business with this thing called the “Lampad’air.” It’s an…

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