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Rotterdam Cube

Taking a page from Apple’s big-glass-cube school of retail architecture, developer Multi Development and The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) presented a multi-use concept design. This…

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iPhone’s Second Coming

Well the second coming has finally arrived. The brand new iPhone version 2.0 was just announced by the master of marketing Mr. Steve Jobs. What is…

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New York High Life

New York City has seen its share of being “Ground Zero” for monumental events in pop culture history. From the birthplace of hip hop music, Pop…

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Porsche Design plays Othello

Darth Vader is dead, long live Anakin Skywalker! For years black was where it’s at with Porsche Design. Now when I say “Porsche Design” I don’t…

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Pixel Perfect Hour Glass

Most of us here in the United States (that are not of the Jurassic age demographic) have but one point of reference when it comes to…

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