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Wrists are So Last Summer

Created for everyone from athletes to the elderly, Arc is an innovative twist on the fitness band that fits around the users neck to monitor vitals…

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Your wristborne fitness guru

Who said staying fit was expensive? Here’s something to shake your misconceptions up. A fitness tracker that tracks steps, calories, sleep cycles, creates a comprehensive cluster…

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Wrist Power!

When you’re on the go and need some extra juice for your devices, an external battery is your best friend. That is, if you’ve remembered to…

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An iPhone Dock and So Much More

When it comes to iPhone accessories, the Lumawake breaks expectations, blowing other dock designs out of the water both aesthetically and functionally! Why functionally? Well, to…

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World’s Largest Wristbound Curve

When you’ve got a watch on your wrist, you’re constantly saying something about yourself. That’s changed since the beginning of watches. When wrist watches were first…

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