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Dive into the Deep Unknown

Explore parts of the world that nobody has ever seen before – the new U-Boat Worx Cruise Series does just that. Providing multipurpose luxury submersibles,…

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A Sub for the Masses

We’ve gone to the moon and even sent probes to Mars, but it’s mind boggling to think that we’ve only managed to explore 10% of…

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2011 Skyscraper Competition Finalists

This year’s finalists for eVolo Magazine’s Skyscraper Competition pushed the bar and came up with some fascinating and innovative superstructures. From a vertical farm skyscraper…

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2011 Skyscraper Competition, Top 35

The 2011 Skyscraper Competition is an endeavor to revolutionize efforts, vision and passion that architects put into building our future infrastructure. The projects have been…

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Deep Sea Exploring

Fluke is a diving robot designed for the deep abyss. The data collected serves to deepen our understanding of the ocean as an ecosystem. The…

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Boston Gets A Boa

Can the Dubai real-estate slump be blamed on ambitious projects that tried to recreate mini magical kingdoms? Don’t know, however that’s not stopped the designers…

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