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Steampunk lightbox

The Lightank is the result of an absolute love for tinkering. Designed as a box for storing electrical items, the Lightank also doubles up as an…

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Steampunk Style

The RESPONSUM LEVARE C Sub B3 Chair emphasizes a balance between form and function, blurring the line between utilitarian object and decoration. Its cog-like components and…

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For The Love Of Steampunk

It’s tough keeping a track on futuristic iterations of computers, so backtracking into the forgotten era sometimes spring up surprises. This retro-steampunk gem is a customized…

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Steampunk PC, Oh So Retro!

Did you notice the sudden retro wave that’s hit most ID designers? It’s like they’ve gone nostalgic and strung an emotional cord with gadgets from the…

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Tea Making is So Steampunk

Project Ignotus is a metal container used to boil water for tea traditionally called a samovar. The ingeniously retro modern design gives it the flare vintage…

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