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Rockin Socket

Earlier today I was tearing apart my office looking for an extension cord (unsuccessfully). If only I had this wall socket design by Nguyen Tuan Anh….

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Seriously Smart Socket!

If you’ve ever tried to plug something into a socket in the dark (or without looking) you know that it’s damn near impossible! The LOL socket…

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The Any Way Socket

It’s clever of us to hide socket boards behind furniture and out-of-sight places, however plugging up lamps or devices is another story altogether! Aligning the plug…

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Too Many Sockets Make a Brick

Socket Like Brick allows you to configure and create a modular multi tap as per convenience. Extend or remove modules safely, moreover accommodate the different sized…

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In Line With the Socket

The Furrow is a simple intuitive design for the socket plate that has furrows in either horizontal or diagonal positioning. These positions correspond with the orientation…

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Well Timed Sockets

Every little step towards saving energy is a good thing; and thus we have the Ring Socket. The design is based on how a timer works….

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