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Have It Both Ways

Our living room changes as season changes. We add and remove objects from summer to winter to make our life more comfortable. Furniture can be part…

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Urban Croquet

This guest post on Urban Croquet is by designer Alice Kaiserswerth. When John Jaques made croquet an overnight craze in England 150 years ago, he packaged a…

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Inka Pen Review

So how many times have you tried write yourself a note under water, or really needed to jot down some coordinates in the vacuum of space,…

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Mother/Child Dining

This dining table for mother and child is based on the metaphor of the special intimate moment of feeding your child. This feeling goes much deeper…

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Cooling That MacBook Pro

Regular laptop users know our portable computers can go from toasty to unbearably hot in a matter of minutes. Working with a mini heater beneath our…

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Stelton 2007 Autumn Collection

Stelton’s innovation stream goes strong, presenting their newest design collection: a fashionable fall collection of vacuum jugs (so-called “Hotshots”), a Super Charger for your mobile, cameras,…

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