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Link Mugs

We’ve all done it at one time or another – tried to carry one mug too many rather than use a tray. The result is predictable…

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Shattered Lights

This odd amoeba looking lamp is actually made from broken tempered glass coated with a silicone lining. This affords it the kind of malleability that Play-Do…

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A Bed That Grows With You

Furniture fairs are a great place to check out new designs in home furnishings. They often push the boundaries of design making us rethink what is…

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Evolutional Mobile Entertainment

In the 21st century, humans can not live without technology. However most gadgets are cold and lack vitality. The missing element is something called “evolutionary possibility”,…

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Seesaw Mobile Phone

This phone concept by Karsten Willmann has all the basics of “phone concepts 101” down. You’ve got the high contrast OLED display. You’ve got the really…

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Echoing Waters

We’ve all seen high shutter speed photos of water, how they look frozen in time. That moment can be found in the most forgettable places, namely…

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