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Bike for Power!

The OHM is a hand-held sized energy device for cyclists. As it’s explained below, this device uses magnets and a dynamo to collect energy which can…

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Man Stuff

There seems to be a few Swiss designers (these guys: Valentin Engler, Marius Morger, Daniel Grolimund) that believe that single men are pretty much too focused…

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The Nature of Caravaning

I hate caravans. In all seriousness, the only good caravan is one that’s on fire. I hate driving behind them, I hate seeing pictures of them….

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I Heart Light Way

Strange as this may sound but those baseboard light rails that illuminate darkened movie theaters intrigue me. I always look down, in part to make sure…

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FYI: The 411 on 2028 by VW

Let’s see what we can look forward to in the year 2028. Britney’s kids will be readmitted to rehab for the 14th time after getting caught…

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This range of multifunctional occasional tables eschews the usual the 4 legs for panels of 3 with the main support structure highlighted in bright red. The…

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