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Exercise Sticks?

The el:Dudy is an all around hand-held exercise system for “older” people. Each has a bevy of motion sensors and accelerometers to accurately track progress. All…

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Talking With A Palm

The future iPhone is here or at least in conceptual form. Given that size, design and features need to be drastically innovated, the NOT A Phone…

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Voice Recorder Bone

So you’ve got a voice recorder in your phone you say? So you’ve got one in your MP3 player, yes? Well they’re the worst! When it…

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Danger Alert Enabler

A view of the ambient noise is what this device hopes to give people with less than a perfect sense of hearing. The fashionable bit of…

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Up and Up Watch

The watch you’re about to see right here is called the “Ever Increasing Watch” and it’s designed by none other than the fabulous crew at EleeNo….

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