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The Salon Faucet Just Got a Makeover

Easy for hairstylists and therapeutic for customers, Salon Q is an all-new faucet solution that rethinks the hair-rinsing process. It features a ring-finger attachment that places…

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Purity in a Faucet

From the designer who made even a walker look kinda sexy, the Essence faucet has a robust yet refined aesthetic that puts chrome spouts to shame….

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Fancy Future Faucet!

This design is all about being simple and clean in design. In fact it’s so simple and clean, it doesn’t even have a name! Titled ‘Faucet’,…

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A Faucet for Us Germaphobes!

We wash and disinfect our hands countless times per day so you think we’d already have something like the Miscea Classic! The first of its kind,…

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Faucet that takes a dip!

The Noah brings the intuitive action of ‘tipping over’ to the faucet. The faucet has been associated with the twisting action since time immemorial, but something…

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