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BYB Balance Cell Phone by Bence Bogar

Balance is an authentic luxury-smartphone. Up to now, these two categories (luxury and smart) have diverged, and few well-executed alternatives exist. The choice of material (titanium…

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Lounge in Art

The Lane lounge chair find perfectly harmony between form and function by first exploring human anthropometry and ergonomics. Its dimensions, incline angle, and form-fitting shape place…

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Music-enhancing Glasses

Designed with music in mind, MOOD is a wearable accessory that merges the visible with the audible to enhance the listening experience. 6 different lenses create…

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Sony Ericsson PXi For Lefties

Bence Bogar must be a leftie because his SE PXi concept is a product specifically created for all lefties tho it’s flexible enough for righties too….

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