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The Lovely Circles

Mmm yes, perhaps you’d enjoy some circles today? Perhaps some fine circles that’d suit your items to be sitting on just fine, yes? Perhaps! Yes!…

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Design Digest Vol.6

First real reindeer fur rug by Michael Malmborg for Lyx. Strip tease lamp by Arnaud Lapierre. Spindle Table by Brad Ascalon for Ligne Roset. Lounge…

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Time By Touch

We sighted people take for granted how much easier we have it. Even the most basic necessities in life like telling time are an after…

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Easy Closets

A closet door with hooks that fold out when open. That’s the general and brilliant idea behind the Easy closet. Storage space is sometimes a…

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The Doorknob Signal

We’ve seen it before, the universal sign of “I have company, go away” signal. Often taking form as a tie around a doorknob or the…

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